Clipped Classic Metallic

The Clipped Classic Metallic SPod weighs just over 100 grams. It is sleek, light weight, and rugged. This SPod is designed to fit securely into almost all standard alloy bicycle water bottle cages. It is also great for your backpack, glove box, or suitcase.

Perfect for carrying sunglasses, tools, identification, keys, money, first aid, energy food, and more.
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We apply a metallic coating to the lid to make a unique and beautiful SPod. The coating adds no weight, yet increases reflectivity to cut down on heat effects from the sun. These SPods have the rich look of jewelry at a bargain price.
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Our rotating belt clip provides for an optimum holstering position for greater comfort and stability while walking or inline skating. This also allows for adequate clearance with the cage, seat tube, or down tube, when mounted in a bicycle water bottle cage.

Because you don't want to leave your SPod when you separate from your bike, the pod can be instantly removed and the carrying clip makes it easy to take with you. The clip rotates so it will not interfere with your seat tube, down tube, or cage.
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Weight: 107 g
Carrying Volume: 45 in3

Cage Rocket Classic Metallic Colors

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Cage Rocket Clipped Classic Metallic SPod

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